[USED] 56x GPU Miners






Used 56 GPU Miners

It is a full mining set, whic contains 56 automatic data processing devices (also known as cryptocurrency miners).


  • 23x RX570-based server (8x Asus Expedition RX 570 4GB) [23x 240MH/s]
  • 22x RX470-based server (8x Asus Mining RX 470 4GB) [22x 225MH/s]
  • 8x GTXP104-100-based server (8x Asus Mining GTX P104-100 4GB) [8x 320MH/s]
  • 1x GTXP106-100-based server (12x Asus Mining GTXP106-100 6GB) [1x 290MH/s]
  • 1x RX470-based server (6x RX470 4GB) [1x 180MH/s]
  • 1x GTX1070-based server (6x GTX1070 8GB) [190MH/s]

The total power of all servers is 13 500 MH/s.


Devices fulfill all conditions included in the regulations:

  • current pictures of the device with date
  • current picture from the device’s interface
  • purchase invoice for the device
  • seals on devices


Residents of the Republic of Poland have to pay 23%-Value Added Tax (VAT). Residents of other countries are settled in accordance with their national tax residence.

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