TREZOR Hardware wallet


TREZOR first Bitcoin wallet. Color white and black.



TREZOR is a Bitcoin hardware wallet and launched in August 2014. It was the first Bitcoin hardware wallet, offering secure cold storage plus the ability to spend with the convenience of a hot wallet.

TREZOR is a small, key-sized device which connects to your computer with a USB cable. It stores your Bitcoin private keys offline and signs transactions. It can be safely used on a malware infected computer.

TREZOR is an isolated environment for offline transaction signing. Using a small display you can visually verify the transaction contents. That’s why all operations using TREZOR are entirely safe.

The ultimate in ease of use and super high levels of security. Trezor keeps private keys on its device and signs transactions through hooking up via USB. Trezor lowers the risk of your private keys being discovered even if your PC is compromised by malware.

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