Q: how to place an order?

A: Please go to “Store”, choose product from list below.


Q: How long delivery takes?

A: Inside Europe, it will take up to 7 days, outside up to 14 days.


Q: Is it possible to return any product?

A: Yes, you have 7 days, to return what you bought, with valid recipt


Q: Do I have any warranty?

A: Yes, but warranty period is different to each product.


Q: Do You help me with configure my miner?

A: Yes, we are configuring rigs, if it is necessary. There will be a tutorial soon!


Q: Is it possible to pay for order after delivery?

A: No, there is no option to pay later.


Q: Do I get any discount if I will take more than one piece?
A: Yes, we always have better prices for our existing customers and greater amount of miners.