BlackMiner F1+

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BlackMiner F1+

BlackMiner F1+ is a brand new FPGA device. It is an automatic data processing device (also known as a cryptocurrency miner). The device uses multiple hashing algorithms.


Supported algorithms/cryptocurrencies Skein, Lyra2z, Lyra2REv2, Phi2, Phi1612, Tribus, Nexus, BitcoinX, 0xBitcoin, Keccak, XDAG, ZP, Verus Coin, Keccakc, Keccakd, Amoveo, SHA3d, Lyra2REv3, BCD, Versus2
Chip type FPGA
Power on wall ok. 1000 Watt

Hash rate for different algorithms/cryptocurrencies

lyra2z: 93.0 MH/s
skeincoin: 7.56 GH/s
xvg_lyra2rev2: 324.0 MH/s
bcd: 278.0 MH/s
phi1612: 470.0 MH/s
tribus: 4.4 GH/s
nexus: 3.87 GH/s
bcx: 26.0 GH/s
0xbtc: 35.2 GH/s
keccak: 34.9 GH/s
xdag: 27.0 GH/s
zp: 35.2 GH/s
verus: 100.8 GH/s
keccakc: 34.9 GH/s
keccakd: 34.9 GH/s
amoveo: 82.6 GH/s
sha3d: 13.6 GH/s


Residents of the Republic of Poland have to pay 23%-Value Added Tax (VAT). Residents of other countries are settled in accordance with their national tax residence.


The manufacturer gives 200 days-long warranty. Our store, to provide customers with peace of mind, provides 2-year technological support.


Additional information

Weight 5.047 kg
Dimensions 43 x 29 x 24 cm