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SC1 Immersion

Obelisk SC1 Immersion is an automatic data processing device (also known as a cryptocurrency miner). The device uses the Blake2b-Sia hash algorithm (used to mine Siacoin (SC)).

IMPORTANT: This unit is exclusively for use in a liquid immersion cooling tank. It will NOT operate in an air-cooled environment.


Hashing algorithm Blake2b-Sia
Hash rate 2 800GH/s
Chip type 128x ASIC (4 Hashboards)
Power consumption 1700 Watt (+/- 100 Watt)


The price includes shipping costs. Residents of the Republic of Poland have to pay 23%-Value Added Tax (VAT). Residents of other countries are settled in accordance with their national tax residence.


The manufacturer gives 180 days-long warranty. Our store, to provide customers with peace of mind, provides 2-year technological support.