HeatMiner Full Kit




The most advanced kit available. Choose any number of GPU or Antminer tanks to recover more power – maximum number of tanks is 4. For example we can provide HeatMiner system with 3 GPU tanks, and 1 Antminer Tank etc.

Price includes four tanks and one control unit.

HeatMiner system is delivered without the liquid. The fluid should have such features as good heat-transportation, low viscosity (comparable to water at 60-80 Celsius degrees), high electrical resistance and high boiling temperature level (over 120 Celsius degrees).

In our opinion the best solution is transformator oil e.g. Orlen TrafoEN which has been used to test all HeatMiner systems. Contact us and we can discuss the best option for You.

Length (without valves) 45cm
Length (with valves) 50cm
Width (without valves) 25cm
Width (with valves) 43cm
Min height (4x Antminer Tanks): 88cm
Max height (4x GPU Tanks): 140cm