Used Hardware Store

Used Hardware Store – frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is Used Hardware Store?

  • Used Hardware Store is a service offered by us for the sale of equipment used at the request of individual clients or companies.

How does the Used Hardware Store work?

  • A customer who wants to sell his used mining machine, contacts us about placing it in the category of used equipment.

What are the differences between tested machines and untested ones?

  • Tested machines are equipment that we have in our hands (customers gave it to us for expertise), and their condition has been confirmed by our specialists, so we can guarantee their technical condition.
  • Untested machines are equipment whose specifications and photos we have received from the customer, and the knowledge of the technical condition is based on a certificate of condition submitted by the seller. In this case, we are a remote broker.

What are the costs of using the Used Hardware Store service?

  • The cost of putting the device in our Used Hardware Store is 10% of the amount for which the customer wants to sell his device. It is connected with operational costs that our company has to deal with.